Digital Cards

Digital Marketing
You can share this digital visiting card digitally with your contacts in seconds.
just a click
Users can get all information about the business with just a click.
Life Time Validity
It gives lifetime validity. Pay once use for a lifetime.

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Environment friendly

Lots of printed cards handed out are thrown out in a few days. People don’t like to carry lots of printed cards. Paper used for printed cards requires trees. We can stop this by using digital cards. With this we can save trees and become environment friendly.

digital visiting card | easy to update
digital visiting card | easy to update

Easy update

Most important advantage of a digital visiting card is uniform copy. If you want to make some changes in digital cards, we can easily do that and it will be available for everyone at the same time.

time saving

Digital visiting cards saves lots of time. When we use printed cards, to distribute printed cards we need to meet every person to share the card,  vice versa the person carrying those cards must have lots of cards and he needs to find out the required card every time. In the case of digital cards , we can share this digitally, by sitting in one location.

Digital card | Time Saving
Digital | Great First Impact

Great first impact

With digital cards we can share lots of information, images, videos or links related to business. Links help to make digital cards interactive. so this makes a very good first impact on clients.